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Faztbatts - The Safest and Fastest Charging E-Bike Battery in the World

Experience the ultimate in e-bike battery performance, safety, and sustainability with Faztbatts.

FaZt S (for safety) v1.0 15/12 mini e-bike battery

• Fits in back pocket • Charges 15 miles in 12 mins at 3c • Safe low thermal expansion risk • Price point aprox $499 tba Lifecycle (350-500? cycles Estimated) • Plus Creation of FaZt charging networks across urban CENTRES - coffee shop charging! • Size ~ 3*10* 2 3/4 inches • Weight < 2kg • Optimized for fast charging and portability. • UL certified - planed • Patent pending - planed • Estimated price base model $575

What We Do

E-Bike Battery Excellence

We specialize in E-Bike battery service, refurbishment, upgrades, lifecycle management, and performance improvement. Up-cycling whenever we can and recycling the rest.

Sustainability at our Core

Our mission is to pioneer the best practice, safe, sustainable solutions to establish a thriving commercial Li-Ion battery refurbishment industry in the USA and beyond, so minimizing the environmental impact of the Lithium powered transport evolution.

Best Practice

We exclusively work with UL certified systems, components, and safety protocols. Utilizing only the best grade A Samsung, Panasonic, & LG cells all covered by full business & product liability insurance.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our Head of Technology training and lead technician, boast’s (he doesn’t boast actually, he’s way to humble for that), a legacy of extensive commercial battery expertise from 1985. With a background in managing & implementing mission-critical battery infrastructure for giants like ATT, VERIZON, and the US ARMY.

Safety Meets Sustainability

We prioritize safety and sustainability, aiming for 100% material reuse outcomes. As part of our commitment, we are working towards becoming a certified B Corp, setting a high standard for eco-friendly practices in the industry.

What’s not to like?

Solar-Bike Available now anywhere in the world for $1999 including shipping. Contact below for more information.

Solar Bike

Available now anywhere in the world for $1999 including shipping. Contact below for more information.

2/3 rd’s the cost of any equivalent e-bike battery

With 20% more power

Best in the business 2 year, no questions asked guarantee

Handcrafted, hand checked, verified and safe

Creating cleantech jobs and futures in the USA and elsewhere

All whilst saving a planet near you


Sustainable Partnerships

By partnering with us, any shop, manufacturer, or client will instantly align their battery supply options with environmentally friendly practices and so gain more business.

If you’re an E-bike manufacturer, E-bike shop or just interested in us, please reach out as we have partnership opportunities for everyone that make you money whilst helping mankind too!

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Contact Us

Ad Black, CEO at Cycling Batteries Llc.

Contact Us

Ad Black, CEO at Cycling Batteries Llc.

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